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Foire aux questions

Why is DOSAGE MoP powder different from other pearl powders?

DOSAGE MoP is of superior quality because it comes from oysters cultivated in preserved and unpolluted lagoons of French Polynesia (see Qualities – Mother-of-Pearl). We chose not to add any excipients in our formulation, making it the most concentrated on the market (see Qualities – Formulation).

Are your capsules vegetarian?

Yes. They are also superior to capsules made of HPMC (cellulose), which can irritate the digestive system.

What are your capsules made of?

Our capsules are made of 100% Pullulan from Plantcaps™, a plant-based capsule produced by fermentation of Tapioca, without any chemical process. They are gluten-free, preservative-free and non-GMO.  They have fast disintegration and excellent oxygen barrier properties in a non-reactive shell.

What is a biomineral?

A biomineral is an organic structure created and organized into a crystalline form by specialized cells within an organism. Shells, skeletons, eggs and teeth are all created through the process of biomineralization.

Is DOSAGE MoP vegan?

MoP is part of both the animal kingdom and the mineral kingdom. MoP is not vegan.

How long do I take DOSAGE MoP before I notice benefits?

Dosage MoP works on a cellular level. This is not an instant gratification treatment—it is one that builds up over time. 

Taking Dosage MoP is a nurturing gesture. The benefits can be unlocked through the simple routine of taking a pill. For the best, long lasting results, MoP should be taken everyday. 

Remember skin takes 28 days or more to renew, and during that time the self care practices you choose will support newly developing cells. 

As for bone mineral density, the complete bone modeling cycle takes 180 to 200 days. The main aim is to maintain optimal bone density and to delay any loss caused by aging and hormonal issues.

How long will a bottle of DOSAGE MoP last?

45 to 90 days: 1 capsule per day for 3 months or 2 capsules per day for 1.5 month.

How long can I take DOSAGE MoP for?

Dosage MoP is gentle and doesn’t have any known adverse side effects.

It is recommended to take a monthly break before renewing in order to reset the organism from time to time.

Is the MoP in DOSAGE from seawater or freshwater culture?


Is DOSAGE MoP tested free of heavy metals, DDT (pesticides) and other toxins?

Dosage guarantees optimum safety thanks to analysis revealing absence of radioactivity and heavy metals (Eurofins certificate), for a pure extract of MoP without solvents, without preservatives, without additives, without heavy metals.

At what age and at what dose should children take DOSAGE MoP?

Dosage Nacre is safe to consume starting from age 6, according to recommended doses. Nevertheless we recommend consulting with your healthcare provider before adding it to your child’s diet.

Can I take DOSAGE MoP if I’m pregnant?

Dosage MoP can be taken safely within its recommended doses. However we do recommend consulting with your healthcare provider before use if you are pregnant or nursing.

I am allergic to shellfish. Will DOSAGE MoP cause a reaction?

We are in possession of a certificate attesting the absence of allergens. Nevertheless, if a person is highly allergic to shellfish, certain precautions may be recommended. Start by taking a very small dose, for example, or seek medical advice.

Does it work?

MoP powder contains almost all of the proteins, amino acids, minerals and trace elements involved in all the biochemical reactions of cell metabolism. The bioavailability of MoP gives it proven effectiveness for the preventive treatment of loss of elasticity, loss of skin radiance, and bone degeneration (see beauty capital / bone capital).

The cosmetic, physiological and therapeutic qualities of MoP have been demonstrated through scientific research.

The effect of MoP on the skin was measured with a tool to assess the flexibility and elasticity of the skin. Significant improvement in skin hydration on the face and skin firmness on the body was observed. A positive effect on the complexion and skin smoothness was also felt.

Clinical studies have assessed the level of bone remodeling. MoP causes a decrease in biochemical markers indicating bone resorption and an increase in biochemical markers for bone formation.

What is a nutraceutical?

A nutraceutical is a substance that is considered a food or part of a food which provides health benefits.

Is it better to eat food that is rich in calcium, or is the powder form more potent?

It is important to have diverse sources of calcium, but due to its concentration, this powder ensures that you meet your daily calcium intake.

What is the process for extracting Dosage Nacre?

MoP powder is obtained first by sanding the shell, then by crushing and grinding the MoP fragments into a powder with the appropriate particle size. The reduction to powder by slow mechanical methods guarantees its original integrity, its purity and the preservation of the bioavailability of the calcium and other active ingredients.

What are the essential cofactors when it comes to the metabolization of calcium?

It is recommended to have sufficient nutritional intake of Vitamin D to ensure optimal absorption of the calcium from MoP.

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